Rendered façades

Rendered façades – modern and stylish simplicity

In rendered façades, the finishing layer of the building is a render system.

The render system is applied either:

  1. directly to the wall of the building,
  2. to the insulation layer,
  3. onto a special façade board for a ventilated façade.

Façade boards allow the wall to be rendered seamlessly and without having to worry about cracks. At the same time, façade ventilation ensures the longer life of the external surface – temperature differences are reduced and the moisture inside the wall is removed by means of ventilation.

There are various render systems.  The most popular of these is the thin-coat render, which, in turn, is divided into:
Silicone render, Silicate render, Mineral renders, Polymer render.

FixFas OÜ sells render systems from the best-known manufacturers, such as Mira, Caparol, Weber, Uninaks, Sakret, etc.

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