Facade Brick Ties

We Offer Facade Brick Ties


Our facade brick ties range includes special bindings that can provide sufficient traction even in fragile materials. If necessary, we will carry out a tensile test to verify the performance of the fastener.


Our product selection includes:

  • Basalt fiber plastic ties – significantly reduce heat loss
  • Basalt fiber reinforced plastic ties for aerated concrete blocks – Aeroc, Siporex, Jämera, Silbet, etc.
  • Ties for concrete
  • Ties for timber
  • Ties for aerated concrete
  • Ties for hollow bricks
  • Ties for Fibo blocks
  • Retaining washers

A4 stainless steel!

Our product selection includes special ties that ensure sufficient tensile strength even in brittle materials.


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Facade Brick Ties for concrete

Facade Brick Ties for Aerated Concrete

Facade Brick Ties for wood