Fasteners for Sandwich Panels

Fasteners for Sandwich Panels


Sandwich panels fasteners are most commonly used in industrial and with sandwich walls. One of the biggest benefits of those screws is a quick installation on site. However, it is worth noting that each panel needs a special screw that fits with the environment and base construction.

Fasteners for Sandwich panels. Concrete and Metal - ETANCO, EJOT


We are well known as a seller of ETANCO (old name GUNNEBO) sandwich fasteners. All offered fasteners are certified and have a choice of C3, C4, or stainless solutions.

We have experience in the field of fixings and can advise on the selection of a suitable environmental class. In addition, we offer the necessary seals, foams, silicones, and other accessories for installation.

ETANCO gRey. coat

Etanco has created a special ceramic coating gRey.Coat, that provides galvanized steel screw protection in a harsh environment (acid rain, salt, etc. ). It gives an environmental class C1 – C3.


ETANCO A2 Stainless Sandwich Panel Screws


Etanco has developed special stainless steel screws GTX6 SP and GTX12 SP. The screws are 6mm or 12mm drills, respectively, made of two metal layers – bimetal.

GTX SP sandwich panel screws have been tested and are well suited for use in cold and ice chambers.

GTX SP sandwich panel screws

We also represent German manufacturer Ejot sandwich fasteners, necessary seals and installation foams.


Are you sure that your fasteners are secure?
Or do you need accurate data for design to
avoid over – dimensioning?


  • We perform tensile tests for various fasteners. 
  • We issue reports with values and test images for every test result.
  • Our tensile testing machine is certified and the test results are valuable
    to every design engineer.
  • If necessary, we include technical support from manufacturers to solve
    complex projects.


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