Fixing Anchors With Thermal Breaks

Anchors With Thermal Breaks – Most Popular Solution Nowadays


Avoiding thermal bridges

Avoiding thermal bridges is very important when designing a facade for a building. This is especially true now that the demand for energy-efficient solutions is on the rise.  To this end, we offer assistance in choosing the right products in the very first stages of your project.


Heat losses

When designing wall structures, heat losses through fasteners are often not taken into account, despite the fact that they can make up 30–40% of total heat losses. Neglecting to consider this hits the investor the hardest as the desired and ordered energy class is not actually achieved. 


Choose the Right Fixings

Choosing the right fixings is also important for ensuring the thinnest possible wall structure in order to maximize the internal floor area of the building. This is especially crucial for developers as their revenues are often tied to the area of the plot, and every extra millimeter of the perimeter can lead to significantly higher sales revenues.

Fischer Thermax anchors with thermal breaks

If necessary, we will collaborate with manufacturers for technical support. We offer products from such well-known manufacturers as FISCHER, EJOT, ETANCO, ROGGER, It-Fix, and many others. 


We perform tensile tests

We perform tensile tests and help design engineers solve technical problems, collaborating, where necessary, with manufacturer representatives for technical support.


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