Hidden fixings for facade panels

Hidden Fixings for a Clean and Attractive Appearance!


Hidden fixings have its advantages both visually and in terms of properties – aesthetic look on the smooth surfaces and beautifully bright exterior.  Another advantage is that the heads of the screw, rivets, or other visible mechanical fastening are not visible. This is also one of the reasons why there is a growing interest in hidden facade fixings and gluing systems – Clean and simple exterior facade.


Hidden Fixings –  SikaTack Adhesive System


The SikaTack Panel Adhesive System offers many advantages for both new and renovated buildings.

  • Aesthetic appearance – no screws or rivets are visible

  • Flexible connection – uniform tension throughout the panel, so the panels do not bend

  • Faster installation than mounting hidden anchors

  • The adhesive layer prevents galvanic corrosion

  • More than 20 years of experience and worldwide recognition

  • One installation system for most panel types


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Experience since 1990s


Sika is one of the first manufacturers to realize the advantages of flexible joining over mechanical fastening. In the 1990s, the first flexible façade panels were built. The advantages of a flexible connection were obvious and therefore the system quickly gained popularity.

The system used in the early years has not lost its features to this day.


The SikaTack Panel System Includes

SikaTack Primer

Pigmented solvent-based adhesive hardener

SikaTack Panel Fixing Tape

Double-sided adhesive tape is used to temporarily support the panels during the curing of the adhesive.

SikaTack Panel Adhesive Glue

The adhesive is a moisture-curable one-component polyurethane resin-based adhesive that can withstand extreme dynamic and static loads and climatic conditions. The fully hardened adhesive maintains a permanent elasticity, alleviating the different thermal expansion of the various substrates of the building. This prevents stress fatigue at the corners of the panels and prevents the formation of cold bridges.

SikaTack system installation video:

To calculate the adhesive requirement, depending on the weight and size of the panels, the maximum wind load, and the temperature difference, please contact us.

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Hidden Fixings – Hidden Anchors system

The Fischer ACT hidden fixing system allows fixing panels with a weight of more than a few hundred kgs/m2.

Fischer ACT is the undisputable market leader as it is suitable for fixing anything from 8 mm HPL panels to
extremely heavy granite panels weighing more than a few hundred kgs/m2.
When using the ACT system, there are no visible fixings even in joints, and corners are reinforced with special
corner reinforcements, which help avoid panel sagging in the corners of the building. The Fischer hidden
fixing system also enables fixing glass and other more complicated panels, such as the seamless
KRION façade panel.


We Offer a Drill Press For Rent for Using the System


The Fischer ACT system requires a special drill press that can be rented from us for use on-site.
The drilling method (dry or wet) and type of drill bit (cemented carbide or diamond) will be selected
based on the type of panel.

For rent - Fischer ACT drilling tool


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