Insulation Board Dowels

Choose the Right Insulation Board Dowels


Regardless of the choice of your insulation material, it needs to be fixed to the wall. A layer of adhesive alone is not enough – it is also necessary to use the right insulation dowel for the substrate. 

FixFas OÜ is a representative of the following manufacturers: EJOT, FISCHER, Wkret-Met, BEVER, IT-Fix, and ETANCO.

We can help you to choose the right product.  If necessary, we can perform tensile tests to determine the right type and quantity of dowels.  We recommend tensile testing, especially for renovation projects.


Best Insulation Board Dowels


What kind of dowels do we offer?

Our product selection includes both low-cost and simple dowels for new buildings as well as more expensive dowels for custom solutions. We also offer highly heat-retentive dowels and dowels with thermal breaks as well as complex fixing products, which allow you to hang heavy products, such as advertisements, lamps, rain gutters, signs, etc. onto rendered façades. In addition to the above, we offer products from IT-Fix, Etanco and may others for custom solutions.


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