Frames and Profiles

Frames and Profiles for Facades


Aluminum or Steel – When to use?

Aluminum – and steel profiles are the most widely used framework solutions in the facade construction. The function of the frame is to serve as a base for the fastening and accept the loads caused by the movements of the facade. 


During planning, we recommend considering:

  • The environment (environmental loads)
  • The dead load of the structure (especially for renovation)
  • The strength calculations for structure parts
  • Deformations (thermal and moisture-induced expansion)
  • The evenness of the substrate (especially for renovation)
  • Building physics-related performance, etc.


Our field of activity is focused on providing facade solutions. We can provide advice and assistance on ventilated facades. We share our knowledge so you could make the right decision when building your facades.

When ordering aluminum profiles, we prepare the frame layouts for drawings.  


Frames and profiles for ventilated facades
Ventilated facade and composite panels projects in Estonia – Merko Ehitus headquarter



To fix facade boards, we can use different frames


  • Aluminum frames (L-, T-, Omega-, Z-profiles, etc.)
  • Galvanized Steel profiles (L-, T-, Omega profiles, and brackets)
  • Textile façade profile systems (aluminum profiles)
  • Wood-frames 

It is possible to order C5 environmental class profiles, stainless steel, and special profiles. 


Aluminum Profiles


Aluminum has several advantages over other frame systems. It is easier to process and faster to install. When ordering an aluminum profile, we will make the frame layouts for the project for free. 

Some reasons to prefer aluminum frames:

  • Easier to process
  • Cutting does not damage the protective layer
  • Suitable for rough weather conditions
  • Suitable for environments where using steel is complicated or impossible


Aluminium profiles with Fischer Act fixings


Galvanized Steel Profiles

Galvanized steel profiles are popular when installing facades. Some reasons to prefer galvanized steel:

  • Special orders are easy to execute
  • Colorable
  • Possibility to order as thermal profiles
  • Used in less demanding environments
  • Cheaper solution


Textile Façade Fastening Frames


Proper textile facade installation requires a durable frame system and fastenings. We represent the German manufacturer FACID and SEELE aluminum frame systems to make sure that the textile facades will look nice and last for a long period.


Facid façade textile fastening system
Facid in collaboration with Serge Ferrari has developed a textile fastening system suitable for exterior façades, which does not require highly expensive annual maintenance.


A functional system with a 10-year warranty
The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty on the functioning of the system if it has been installed according to their instructions.


Inconspicuous joints
The profile system leaves an inconspicuous joint of just 20 mm between the pieces of textile, which can be easily tensioned later.


Easy to install and low-cost
With the Facid system, there is no need to build a special steel structure. The cost of this is often overlooked by customers because the work is done separately by metal companies.


Seele façade textile fastening system
We are a representative of frame system manufacturer Seele, whose complex structural solutions can be found all over the world. We realise your special projects in collaboration with Seele. Seele also provides façade design services from the very first stage and can help realise any special project.


Automation systems for façade textiles
Textiles can be used in many exciting ways. One of the most popular of these is solar shading. To this end, we offer a façade textile automation system from market leader Somfy.


Textile façade fasteners
We are a representative of many well-known fastener manufacturers, whose products are also suitable for installing textile façades. Read more…


If necessary, we can perform tensile tests to help you choose the right construction products.

FixFas is a dealer of aluminum textile fastening frame systems from German manufacturer FACID in Estonia and Scandinavia.


We have been active in the façade construction market for over 20 years.

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