Rendered Facades

Rendered Facades, Proper Rendering, and Insulation Selection


In the case of rendering the facade, the playing field is large. Rendering (for exterior) or plastering (for interior) is one of the well – known surfaces covering options. There are many different colors and surface structures to choose from. The installation process is easy and quick and you can render/plaster directly to the insulation. 


The plaster will be applied: 

  • Right on the wall of the building
  • Directly on to the insulation material
  • On a special façade board (used with ventilated facades)




The Choice of Insulation Under The Render Facade


What are the suitable insulation materials?
Regardless of the chosen render system, the right insulation material is always crucial.

Traditional options for installation under fine-finish render are primarily EPS façade boards or mineral wool.

EPS 60, 70 and 100

EPS 70 and 100 have a significantly higher compressive strength and the latter is widely used in high-rise buildings and floors, where it is important to achieve a thinner insulation layer.


EPS 60, 70 and 100 Silver

Special options with higher insulation capacity include Silver insulation boards, i.e. EPS 60, 70 and 100 Silver (roughly 20% warmer ). The advantage of using Silver insulation boards is lower material wear, which makes it possible to install thinner layers and use them in high-rise buildings.

FixFas offers products from Estplast Tootmine OÜ – one of the largest manufacturers in Estonia using the latest technologies.

Insulation Board Fixings


Regardless of the choice of your insulation material, it needs to be fixed to the wall. In addition to a layer of adhesive, it is necessary to use the right insulation dowel for the substrate.

We are offering insulation fixings from:

  • Ejot
  • Fischer
  • Wkret-Met
  • Bever
  • It-Fix (custom solutions)
  • Etanco (custom solutions)
  • Rogger (custom solutions)

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Rendered Façade fixings


Profiles and Meshes for Render Systems


Advantages of profiles and meshes

Regardless of the choice of your render system, applying render requires the use of profiles and meshes to reinforce the render in order to:

  • Avoid cracks
  • Finish window joints
  • Finish door joints
  • Avoid the appearance of cracks in joints
  • Draw water away from the walls
  • Finish vertical/horizontal insulation edges, etc.


Protektor Products Include:


  • Exterior render profiles
  • Interior render profiles
  • Façade panel profiles
  • Reinforcement meshes
  • Internal wall frame systems
  • Ceiling frame systems
  • Renovation profiles
  • Concrete profiles, etc.

FixFas is representing Europe’s largest render profile manufacturer Protektor. Our product selection also includes exterior render profiles and meshes from Ejot.


Protektor profiles for rendered façades

Facade boards


Façade boards allow the wall to be rendered seamlessly and without having to worry about cracks. At the same time, façade ventilation ensures the long life of the external surface – temperature differences are reduced and the moisture inside the wall is removed by means of ventilation.

There are various render systems.  The most popular of these is the thin-coat render which in turn is divided into:

  • Silicone renders
  • Silicate renders
  • Mineral renders
  • Polymer renders


Thin – Coat Render Systems


Thin-coat renders are applied to the wall in multiple thin layers. They are applied either to the insulation layer, directly to the wall or onto a special render carrier board. The render is chosen based on the substrate.

Render is applied to the wall in layers:

  1. First reinforcement layer
  2. Reinforcement mesh
  3. Second reinforcement layer
  4. Finish primer bonding layer, i.e. primer
  5. Final finish render layer (colored or paintable)


Coloring is possible with silicone, silicate and polymer render.

Mineral renders, on the other hand, must be painted with silicate, silicone or other breathable paint. 

Mineral Facade Renders


Why prefer mineral renders?

  • Lower cost
  • Excellent breathability
  • Used with mineral wool insulation boards

When using mineral renders, you should be prepared for additional painting work. The higher water absorption capacity of these renders can lead to faster soiling unless strong silicone paint is used.

Silicone Render


Why prefer silicone renders?

  • High-quality
  • Easy to color
  • Good breathability
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Easy to wash
  • Water- and dirt-repellent
  • Durability, UV-resistant

Due to their characteristics, silicone renders are more expensive.

Silicate Render


Why prefer silicate renders?

  • High fire-resistance
  • Long-lasting
  • Good breathability
  • Good resistance to microbiological contamination
  • Good resistance to UV radiation

Good price when it comes to polymer-based renders, but no breathability.

We offer products from the best-known manufacturers, such as Mira, Caparol, Weber, Uninaks, Sakret, etc.

We recommend and offer insulation materials, such as EPS, i.e. polystyrol (Estplast), facade wool (Rockwool, Paroc, Isover),
PIR boards (IKO Enertherm – suitable for ventilated rendered facades).


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