Facade Installation

We work with the best facade installation companies

20 years of experience have enabled us to establish excellent relationships with many installers
we can both trust and recommend. We have excellent partners across Estonia. This applies both to
façades specifically as well as general construction.

If you are in need of ventilated facade installation services, we are ready to advise you. We will find
the technical solutions and deliver the necessary materials to the site, where our partners can take
over to see your project through.

Fixfas works with the best facade installation companies

Ventilated double facades

In 1994 we had our first experience with ventilated double facades. Today, we are mainly focused on representing facade cladding manufacturers and to solve fixing and facade installation problems. Every material is unique, thus we have focused to offer the best technical solution, as well the best material, that suits clients’ special needs. Read more…

Brick facade installation companies

Brick facades

Brick facades are a classic and beautiful timeless facade, that is still used today. Working methods have remained largely the same, but technology and installation comfort has changed. Sophisticated design can be made easier with some new methods. We have helped to solve complex brick facade solutions and are also providing new and economical material, needed for bricklaying. Read more..

facade installation companies for sadwich panel

Sandwich facades

Sandwich panels are increasingly used today. The industrial and commercial buildings often have to comply with strict regulations, which in turn places great demands on the manufacturer and also on us – the dealer. Sandwich panels in our range, have been manufactured since 1989. We can also help with sandwich panel fixings (Etanco, Ejot) and installation companies. Read more…

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