Tecu® Copper cladding panels


Copper cladding panels are designed to leave an innovative and unique expression for facades. 
There are many possibilities to create innovative architecture with copper and its alloys, both in nature and in the cityscape.
Prefabricated facade system elements offer a wide range of solutions, from free-form designs to larger surfaces. Tecu offers
the opportunity to completely take advantage of the rainwater drainage system, which coincides
facade look. 


“TECU® products are made of living materials and play with time.”


TECU copper and its alloys for facade claddings

TECU® Classic

Tecu vask plaat

Tecu Classic is a bright red rolled copper that constantly changes in time.
After installation TECU® Classic retains its bright red copper color
on the building
 for a certain period of time.
Gradually, the material begins to change matte and
an oxide layer is formed to protect it from the weather.  As a result
the surface turns patina green.
Patina gives the facade a special character, while offering a long-lasting
protection for decades to come.




TECU® Oxid 

TECU® Oxid is a copper where natural colour change process
has taken place and brownish oxide layers have formed on the surface
of the panel. vask plaat- oxidThe oxidation process continues the same way as with classic copper.
Nature, such as sun, snow, rain helps to form the copper in exciting way,
Giving each facade a unique look.  


TECU® oxide copper facade sheets and strips are pre – oxidised by a
patented industrial process on both sides. The oxide layer is not artificial,
but comes naturally from the copper itself.


It is recommended to attach all copper facade panels to a special ventilated facade
frame system, that fits with environment and prevents metal reactions. If you have
questions or need advice with your project, please contact us for more information.


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TECU® Patina – Green copper claddings

When the design demands the power and expressiveness of the patina
greenvask plaat - patineeritud typical for copper, then it should be implemented just as required –

without waiting for the gradual changes caused by natural weathering.
The solution is TECU® Patina – on one side patinated copper for immediate

use to satisfy the highest aesthetic demands in building design.

TECU® Patina is always extremely varied, just as you would expect
from a natural surface. The many different surface tones and shades
eventually blend together, but only gradually. The unique developments
occurring in TECU® Patina are exciting – just as modern architecture should be.



TECU® Brass

Brass is one of the best known copper alloys, consisting of copper and zinc.Messing vask plaat. Tallinn
TECU® Brass surface starts to change gradually from the original gold tone –
gradually turns greenish brown, then greyish brown and finally dark brown/anthracite.
Eventually turns brass greenish, like it is common to copper claddings.  







TECU® Bronze

Pronks vask plaatBronze is a copper alloy consisting of copper and tin. It has long been used to
create works of art, and today bronze is increasingly used to create exterior facades.
The original, warm, reddish-brown surface of TECU® Bronze develops uniquely
under weather conditions.

Bronze is initially reddish brown, which changes to a brownish gray or even
anthracite tone upon oxidation. The end result is similar to copper – pattina green.
But the patination process is much slower compared to pure copper.





TECU® Gold

TECU® Gold is an alloy of copper and aluminium.
After installationvask plaat, kuldne. the facade panels begin to turn into matte brownish gold,
reminiscent of pure gold. TECU® Gold gives a unique expression for
the environment, where it is used. 




TECU® Iron

Tecu Iron – is an intense, reddish-brown copper surface finish reminiscent of
weather-treated steel. The iron tone plate has excellent formability, good durability and
is easy to process. The material is suitable for use on facades and roofs.
TECU® iron is made of 100% recycled copper.





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