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Terviklikud Fassaadilahendused,
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Fassaadidega seotud küsimusi

Abistame fassaadide projekteerimisel

Soovitame iga projekti jaoks sobivamaid materjale ning väldime ja lahendame juba eos planeerimise ja projekteerimise käigus tekkida võivaid vigu.


Pakume fassaadilahenduste täisteenust – alates nõustamisest ja lõpetades fassaadimaterjalide müügiga.

Leiame fassaadilahenduse

Meie peamiseks suunaks ja fookuseks on alates 2012. aastast olnud fassaadilahenduste pakkumine.

jakobsoni 13 fassaad

Koostame fassaadijoonised

Meie fookus on esindada fassaadi kattematerjalide tootjaid ning lahendada kinnitamise ja paigaldamisega seonduvaid küsimusi.

Tarnime materjali

Tegeleme projektide põhise müügiga, mille puhul on tegemist suurte kaubakogustega. Abistame nii era – kui ärikliente.

Aitame kogu projekti jooksul

Fixfas-i enda vundamendi on aastate jooksul loonud meie omandatud teadmiste ja kogemuste pagas.

Examples of facade solutions

We have realised that we must first of all take into account the specific characteristics of each material, and only then we can work out the appropriate installation method. Each project is unique and has given us a wide knowledge base.

jakobsoni tn hoone
Facade solution – 1

Copper and composite panels on the ventilated façade

Jakobsoni 13 apartment building has a Scandinavian look and plays interestingly with its different façade materials. The prestigious building makes clever use of composite tiles in different colors. The FixFas frame system is used as the facade fixing system.

Facade solution – 2

Hidden fixing for STENI facade boards

STENI fibreglass reinforced polymer composite tiles are intended for use as both exterior and interior finishing tiles. The wall tiles are made in Norway, where since 1965 the tile factory has continuously improved the quality and durability of its products.

The use of hidden fixings has its advantages, both visually and in terms of features. An aesthetic look on the smooth exterior surfaces.

Aluminium has a number of advantages over other frame systems. It is easier to process and faster to install.

haabersti tunneli sein
Facade solution – 3

Steel mesh façade

Metal mesh is used for facades, wall coverings and media facades. Everything behind the metal mesh is protected from the elements – sun, wind and rain. At the same time, the metal mesh reflects light, creating a playful glow in the environment around the building.

Work done

Over the last few years, we have made a lot in the renewal of the urban landscape. You can see our work here.

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