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Picture of a ventilated facade solution
Port of Tallinn - Facade is made with GKD metal fabric

Port of Tallinn | GKD Metal Fabric Facade

Object Information
Location: Estonia, Lootsi 13/4
General Contractor: Nordecon AS
Building completion: 2020

Used material
GKD Metal Fabric for Facade
GENTAS HPL Laminate for modular houses

Woody Concepts Modular Houses

Object Information
Location: Holland, Camping Bakkumi
Modular Houses Manufacturer: Harmet OÜ
Building completion: 2019

Used Materials
Gentas G-EXT UV+ Black HPL Laminate

Private house in Viljandi

Object information
Location: Viljandi, Estonia
Private house
Building completion: 2016

Used material
GENTAS High Pressure Laminate, color:

Gentas G-Ext Wood - wood imitation
Gentas G-Ext Black
Gentas G-Ext White