Metal mesh

For facades, ceilings and interior design

Metal meshes create versatile possibilities for building design. Similar to facade fabrics, metal mesh is used to conceal windows, base facades or create a unique look that will last for years.

Metal fabrics and meshes are used for façade cladding, ceilings, various types of borders, internal walls, internal ceilings and media façades.

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Metal meshes create versatile possibilities for building design.

Tensioned stainless steel meshes last for decades and can be used to add a wide variety of patterns, 3D elements and different colour schemes to a building.

They are also often needed as security features to protect against intruders and, if necessary, trespassers without losing the visual beauty of the building.

Metal fabrics and meshes are used for façade cladding, ceilings, various types of borders, internal walls, internal ceilings and media façades.

With media facades, buildings can be transformed into interactive LED screens. In addition, the media network’s stainless mesh gives the building’s exterior a stylish look – even when not used as an LED façade.

We represent GKD, an innovative metal cladding manufacturer from Germany

Through us, you can get a variety of drawn nets and hanging and printable netting solutions. Some examples of metallic nets and their uses:

  • Exterior facades – (straight, three-dimensional, three-dimensional elements)
  • Cable nets and panels – (tightenable and bendable elements)
  • Acoustic wall and ceiling baffles
  • Car park safety nets (for facades and openings)
  • Metal meshes for interior use
  • Borders for balconies, gardens, bridges, terraces.
  • Media – for facades (interactive screens on facades)
  • Private networks to industry

Video: GKD MetalFabrics, Metal mesh processing

Metal meshes create versatile possibilities for building design.

Metal mesh treatments:

Roostevabast terasest võrk

Eritöötlusega roostevaba võrk

Kõrgendatud korrosioonikindlusega võrk

Värviga kaetud võrk

Graafiliste elementidega võrk

Anodeeritud alumiiniumist võrk

Värvitud alumiiniumist võrk

Prinditud metallvõrk

Terasest tsingitud võrk

Meedia võrk (LED elementidega)

Metallvõrk fassaadile

Metallvõrgu materjali valik

Cable – metallic mesh

It is a stainless steel cable, which in turn is braided with a round or flat stainless steel wire.

Well suited for use on building facades where very large panels are required – even up to 8m wide mesh. Can also be used as solar shading elements to reduce cooling costs. It is also possible to order painted mesh. It has a wide range of patterns and can also be interwoven with meshes of different densities to increase solar protection and improve transparency elsewhere, according to the architectural design of the building.

Pre-stressed in the factory to prevent stretching later and supplied in rolls for easy installation. We offer and solve, in cooperation with the manufacturer, net fixings.

gkd PC-ALU võrk
GKD: Jäik metallvõrk

Rigid network or PC

Made of stainless steel or aluminium. The material is braided from wire with at least one conductor twisted in both directions.

Produced in sheets and used where a tensioning system cannot be installed but greater rigidity is required. It can also be bent and special elements produced.

Spiral metal mesh

Spiral metal mesh is available in both stainless steel and aluminium. Metal grilles are made of flat bars – spirals – connected by a straight or pressed round bar.

Spiral metal meshes are produced according to the customer’s requirements.

gkd spiraalne võrk
GKD: Spiraalne metallvõrk
Port of Tallinn - Facade is made with GKD metal fabric


Tallinna Sadama

The D-Terminal’s stainless steel mesh clad façade is an example of a solution that shines and catches the eye at night.
Thanks to the playful lighting design, the building is a striking feature when coming in from the sea, acting as a modern lighthouse on Tallinn’s seafront.

Frequently asked questions

Metal mesh can be installed in different ways depending on the nature of the mesh:

Aaspolt pingutussüsteem

Lattpingutus süsteemid liimiga

Raamide abil

Punktkinnituste abil

Klambrite abil

Otse kruvide või neetidega (venitatud võrgud)

Each network requires a separate installation system and design, and we will always help you make the right choice and involve manufacturers in the design.

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