Aluminium Composite Panels

What is ACP ?


ACP, i.e. aluminium composite panels are PVC panels covered by a thin layer of aluminum on both sides. Between the layers are either thermoplastic polyethylene resin (LDPE) or a fire-resistant layer.

The outer layer is painted with strong PVDF paint. It is possible to produce so-called chameleon surfaces, i.e. panels coated with chameleon paint, which changes color when viewed from a different angle.


ALUCOIL composite panel.
Jakobsoni apartment building – The facade is made with Alucoil aluminium composite panels & copper


In our range of composite panels you can find brands like:





  • Easy to process (shape, cassettes, etc.)
  • Possibility of creating patterns on the façade via perforation
  • Possibility of installing large panels
  • Chameleon paints, i.e. holographic paints
  • Can be bent
  • Possibility of producing curved elements


Composite panel dimensions:

  • Thickness: 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm
  • Standard dimensions: 1,000 x … mm; 1,250 x … mm; 1,500 x … mm; 1,575 x … mm; max 2,000x …mm
  • Length: 2,000 mm – 8,000 mm


Honeycomb composite panel dimensions:

  •  Thickness: 8–14 mm for standard honeycomb panel, 4–50 mm for custom order
  • Standard dimensions: 1,000 x … mm; 1,250 x … mm; 1,500 x … mm ; 1,575 x … mm; max 2,000x …mm
  • Length: Up to 14,000 mm for honeycomb panel Larcore A2.


Custom dimensions

  • Alucoil composite panels can be produced with lengths of 2,000–8,000 mm.
  • Thanks to a unique production process, Alucoil Larcore A2 honeycomb panels can be produced with lengths of 2,000–14,000 mm.
  • Available widths for custom order panels are 900–2,000 mm.


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Low weight reduces processing time and makes the installation of the composite panels easier and faster. Thanks to 30–50% lower weight when compared to regular metal panels, the composite panels reduce the load on the load-bearing elements of architectural structures.


Fire resistance

The panels are available in B – s1, d0 and A2 fire classes.

For locations with an elevated risk of fire, we offer composite panels with a core made of special fireproof material.


Resistance to weather conditions

The surface coating is covered by a warranty of up to 30 years. Resistant to UV radiation, moisture and various chemicals (salts, etc.).


Impact resistance

The composite panel has a high-impact resistance. Bending does not cause the external coating of the sheets to fracture. The panels are not even slightly susceptible to deformation in windy or sunny conditions.


Ease of maintenance

After a few years of use, the panels can be cleaned easily using neutral detergents and water.



Excellent decorative material for both interior and exterior applications:

  • The cladding of new buildings (ventilated façades) and renovation of old ones
  • The cladding of balconies, cornices, and awnings
  • Interior cladding of walls and ceilings
  • The cladding of filling stations, tunnels, and pillars
  • Billboards, signs and display stands
  • Construction of various non-standard structures

Technical information can be found – Alucoil Certificates and Documents


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