A more transparent and maintenance-free façade

It doesn’t matter whether you’re building a new building or renovating an existing one, the exterior appearance of the façade is still a key aspect of the operation.

A well-chosen façade ensures the functionality of the building, highlighting its architectural character. And, ideally, it blends in with both the interior and the exterior.

FixFas range of cladding solutions

Here you will find ideas for modern,
low maintenance
facade cladding materials


Don’t know exactly which façade to choose?

To help you think about the façade of your house, we’ve put together a post on the different ways to choose a façade.

We share advice on façade solutions

We are façade specialists who, in cooperation with the architect and the developers, add our own solutions. As façade specialists, we can give you more detailed advice on façade cladding, insulation materials, sub-frame pitch, fixing systems and more.