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Copper tiles are designed to create an innovative façade, leaving a natural and distinctive impression. Copper and its alloy facade tiles are striking and eye-catching, both in nature and in the urban landscape.

We distribute the products of KME, a major German manufacturer, in Estonia. KME is renowned as a provider of copper façade solutions and offers a range of beautiful and ever-changing copper façade tiles.

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Copper tiles are designed to create an innovative façade, leaving a natural and distinctive impression.

Copper and its alloy facade tiles are striking and eye-catching, both in nature and in the urban landscape. Assemblable façade elements offer a wide range of solutions, from free-form designs to decorating larger areas.

Copper products are made from living materials and play with time. The original copper starts to change instantly and the look of the house lives with its owner.

All finishes can be produced in thin sheet or composite board.

TECU® Classic

Classic copper plate

Tecu Classic is a bright red rolled copper, which changes constantly over time with weather and light. Once installed on a building, TECU® Classic retains its typical bright red copper colour for a certain period of time.

Step by step, the material starts to become mat-like and a layer of oxide forms on the surface to protect it from the weather.

The end result is a boat that turns green. The cladding gives the façade a distinctive look while providing long-term protection for decades to come.

Tecu fassaadiplaat
TECU® Oxid Pruun vaskplaat

TECU® Oxide

Brown copper plate

TECU® Oxide is a copper that has undergone a natural first colour change, resulting in a brownish oxide layer on the surface of the plate. The process continues as with classic copper – nature changes the surface in the sun, rain, snow and wind, giving it an exciting life – but the first bright reddish phase of the copper is gone.

TECU® oxide copper cladding sheets and strips are pre-oxidised on both sides using a patented industrial process that is gentle on the material. The oxide layer is not artificial, but comes naturally from the copper itself. Tiles are always distinctive and special.

TECU® Patina

Patented copper plate

If the architect’s vision calls for the use of the green power and expressiveness of the copper boat, it should be implemented exactly as required, without waiting for the gradual changes caused by the expected weather conditions.

TECU® Patina is a patented copper for immediate use to meet the highest aesthetic demands of the building. In the factory, the process has been speeded up and both the initial bright reddish hue and the later dull brownish phase have been skipped.

TECU® Patina is always extremely versatile, just as you would expect from a natural surface. A tough, transparent layer ensures long-lasting protection. Processing is virtually dust-free. Traces of the treatment remain invisible on the surface of the material, and even after the tile has been bent, the outer surface of the boat remains aesthetically pleasing.

You can choose between four different patinated surfaces.

büroohoone Lõõtsa 12
TECU® Brass, Messing plaat

TECU® Brass

Brass plate

Brass is one of the best known copper alloys, made up of copper and zinc. TECU® Brass brass surface gradually changes from the initial golden shade to a greenish brown, then to a greyish brown and from there to a dark brown / anthracite colour.

Eventually, surfaces will form that are greenish, resembling pure copper.

TECU® Bronze

Bronze plate

Bronze is a copper alloy made up of copper and tin. It has long been used in the creation of works of art, and today bronze is increasingly being used to create the exterior of façades.

The original, warm, reddish-brown surface of TECU® Bronze evolves with the weather. . Bronze is originally reddish brown, which turns brownish grey or even anthracite during oxidation.

The end result is that the surface of the bronze, like copper, turns patina green, but this process is much slower than with pure copper.

Vasest valmistatud fassaad
TECU® Pronks plaat
Tecu kuldplaat
TECU® Gold, Vase- ja alumiiniumisulam

TECU® Gold

Gold plate

TECU® Gold is a copper and aluminium alloy that can be used to create a naturally playful and elegant façade. After installation, the tile will start to look matte brown – golden, reminiscent of pure gold.

TECU® Gold façade solutions give buildings a discreet value image. Depending on the light, the environment and the weather, the façade will change over time, creating an exciting, unique play of colours.

TECU® Iron

Iron plate

Tecu Iron – has an intense, reddish-brown copper surface finish, reminiscent of weather-treated steel. Iron clay tiles have excellent formability, good durability and are easy to work with.

Light and shaded, light and dark, dry and wet – all generate different optical nuances that make TECU® Iron a good material for buildings.

The material is suitable for use on facades and roofs. TECU® iron is made from 100% recycled copper.

TECU® Iron, 100% taaskasutatud vasest


Alexandre Liwentaali büroohoone

The brass starts to change immediately and the look of the house lives with its owner. The entrance to the office building at Lõõtsa 12 in Tallinn has a new look every year.

Frequently asked questions

All copper and copper oxidised, patinated, specialty alloys must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Being a very aggressive material itself – copper definitely needs experienced help in design and installation. The biggest enemy is electrochemical corrosion, which can quickly damage incorrectly designed/installed fasteners.

We’re happy to help develop solutions from the design phase, so that problems are overcome immediately and we can enjoy the natural material changing over time without fear of tiles falling or being damaged.

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