Telliskivi facades

Facade brick installation with BAUT fixing grout

For the brick façade, we have a new solution for the installation of façade bricks. Represents the reinforcement system manufacturer Bautopas (BAUT) in Estonia and Scandinavia.

This system can be used to reinforce and anchor all known types of paving stones – from the classic axial stones to the more complex and heavy stones.

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Facade tile stacking system
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Brick is a building material that we have been used to seeing around us for centuries.

Stoves, fireplaces, chimneys and the facades of houses – brick is a big part of the appearance of these ancient buildings.

However, the skills of the mason and the materials used are also important to ensure that the appearance is maintained.

In the latter case, there is a wide range of possibilities, and the architectural characteristics and the properties of the building material used must be taken into account in order to find durable materials.

Through FixFas OÜ it is possible to purchase all Wienerberger facade stones.

Facade stone installation

For the installation of facade tiles, we offer a fixing system consisting of facade tile supports and a facade tile suspension system.

The biggest advantage of the Baut fixing system is that a brick wall can be built without the need for a brick foundation. This solution is most commonly used in cities and buildings where the first floors are used as shop or commercial space, often with glazed walls.

Baut’s fastening system can:

  • Load a brick wall that hangs – does not require a foundation to be loaded
  • Bridges that are made entirely of brick (such as window and door openings) and contain large steel angles are aesthetically pleasing and durable.
  • Implement architecturally complex solutions
Fassaadikivi kandurid
Baut Fassaadikivi kandurid koos nurgadetailiga

Facade bearers

Baut fastening system

The brick beams allow the entire wall to be suspended from the load-bearing structure without the use of a foundation. The gantries allow brick laying to start from higher floors. The stretcher can also be used to solve corner joints and other more complex structural solutions in the façade.

The plate girders are made of stainless steel and are attached to the concrete fence (base wall) with chemical anchors.

Silluste Suspension system for holding the facade stone

Baut fastening system

Our product range includes a special suspension system for bridges, which makes it possible to create bridges of up to 2m in length using only reinforcements and suspensions. Longer bridges can also be made – stretcher bridges are useful for this. Candids
help to keep the whole system together so that there are no loopholes.

Using the same beams and hooks, it is easy to make facade brick corner lintels, large garage door bridges and brick walls suspended from the supporting structure.

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Armeerimine on vajalik seina tugevdamiseks

Brick façade reinforcement system

Baut fastening system

Reinforcement is necessary to strengthen the facade brick wall to ensure the load-bearing capacity and weather resistance of buildings.

Either a Murfor-type ready-made reinforcement grid or reinforcement rods with clamps are available to ensure precise positioning and easy installation.

For bridges, there is a system of armatures and hangers that suspend the facade stone as a bridge in the masonry.

The façade can be positioned in any direction. Depending on how the stone is positioned in the façade, a suitable reinforcement method is chosen. The reinforcements projecting from the façade are stainless.

Telliskivi bindings

Our product range includes the following bindings:

  • Basalt fibreglass bindings – significantly reduce heat loss.
  • Basalt fibreglass binders for porous concrete blocks – Aeroc, Siporex, Jämera, Silbet etc.
  • Bindings for concrete
  • Bindings in wood
  • Bonds for porous concrete
  • Bonds in blanks
  • Bound fibosse
  • Fixing soaps

We contribute to the design of the entire facade of the building and prepare working drawings at project level for the installation of beams, reinforcements and ties.

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tõmbekatsed telliskiviseinast
Tõmbekatsed telliskiviseinast

We performtensile tests

We carry out tensile tests on various fastening accessories and help designers solve technical situations.

For each test result, we issue a report with values and test images. The tensile tester is certified and the results are useful for any designer.

Where necessary, we bring in technical support from manufacturers to tackle complex projects.

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