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FixFas OÜ (hereinafter FixFas) makes every effort to protect and respect your privacy and personal data. This Cookie and Privacy Notice (the Notice) complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and sets out our practices regarding the collection and processing of personal data when a website visitor uses or contacts us by email. Please read carefully the information below which describes how and why we process your personal data.

Your use of this website( confirms that you accept the use of cookies and the terms and conditions of the processing of personal data as described in our notice.

Data controller

The data controller is Fixfas OÜ. We are a company selling building materials. Our postal address is Tuleviku tee 2, Peetri village, Rae municipality 75312 Harju county. If you have any questions, please contact

Fixfas OÜ processes the data of its customers and contact persons who have expressed a wish to use our services or have used our services in the past. In certain cases, we process personal data that is available from public sources.

What is personal data

Personal data is any information that makes it possible to identify you, directly or indirectly. Examples of such information include your name, email address, computer IP address and information about your visits to our website, social media channels and use of our services.

Purposes and legal basis for the processing of personal data (data)

We collect data on the use and interests of potential customers from the marketing channels of Fixf (including the website This will help us to better understand the real interests of our clones, provide better information and improve the functionality of the website.

In this case, the legal basis for the processing is our legitimate interest to better understand the needs of our customers and to provide a better service. For example, Fixfas processes data about the reading and opening of newsletters and the opening of advertisements in order to provide customers with their preferred offers and content.

Fixfas collects and processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • Respond to customer enquiries
  • To manage the website
  • Fixfas to analyse and improve services
  • To offer new services to customers
  • Fixfas for building and managing your customer base

How do we get your personal data?

We collect information about you in two ways.

We will receive your personal information, in particular contact information, when you choose to enter your details on the contact form on our website or when you contact us yourself – by writing to our corporate and employee email addresses or by sending us a letter by post. In this case, we will consider your consent to use your personal data for processing.

In addition, we use automated data collection tools, including cookies and other tracking tools, to optimise the user experience of our website and provide better services to our customers.

Cookies and how to disable them

To ensure the quality and functionality of the Fixfas website, we use web cookies and pixel tags on our website.

Cookies are small text files that remain on the visitor’s computer. Cookies are not harmful and do not contain malware, but allow you to remember your preferences such as font size, language, device information, visit statistics, etc. All major web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Safari ) accept web cookies by default. Each Visitor can change his/her own security settings and block or completely refuse the receipt of online cookies.

Pixel tags (pixel tags) are small snippets of website code that allow websites to place and read cookies. These are triggered when a user opens a web page or an email, which then downloads third-party cookies or registers that the user has opened the email.

Fixfas uses the following cookies on its website:
  • Analytical cookies to collect information about the use of the website and how we can improve it (Google Analytics). These cookies do not collect information that directly identifies the user of the website.
  • Advertising cookies that help deliver ads targeted to a user’s interests (such as Facebook Pixels). You can change your settings to disable Fixed Ads in Facebook settings.
  • Third party cookies (such as Google Maps, YouTube, etc.).
Users have the right to refuse the storage of cookies on their computer. If you wish to do so, you will need to change your browser settings.

When disabling the acceptance of web cookies, the user should be aware that all the functionalities of the website may no longer work and may display the content pages incorrectly.

Data processed by Fixfas:

  • Emails – including information about opening emails.
  • Contact details – name, e-mail address
  • User’s web browser data – data collected automatically (browser type, device type, communication language, where the user came from, what content pages they viewed, IP address and other website traffic data).
  • Data collected and generated in the course of cooperation and contract performance with Fixfas – Fixfas customers’ preferences, feedback on services and products.
  • Other data – Data that you have made publicly available through third parties (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, etc.).

We will forward your letter containing personal data to the relevant people, depending on the content of your letter. We process your personal data (data) in Estonia, where our servers, whose IT services we use, are located.

Fixfas OÜ as a data controller does not process special categories of personal data.

Sharing personal data

The data collected by Fixfas OÜ will be used only for the purpose of better communication and offering a product or service. We do not share your personal information with third parties except in the following cases:

  • Debt recovery – payment default registers
  • National Supervisory Authorities and Police
  • Public feedback with customer consent
  • A third party provides us with a service that is necessary for the day-to-day running of our business, such as an IT service.
  • A third party is a participant or subcontractor in a construction project to which the company you work for is also a participant.

How long does Fixfas store personal data (data) and how?

Fixfas retains the personal data (data) until the customer requests the removal of the personal data or until the purpose for which it was collected has been achieved. The retention period will also depend on the need to respond to requests from data subjects, to solve problems and to comply with legal requirements for the retention of documents.

When we no longer need the personal data and are no longer required by law to keep it, we delete it.

If you have the slightest question, please email

We protect the confidentiality and integrity of personal data and ensure access to data in accordance with applicable laws.

We have put in place reasonable and adequate organisational measures and technical and physical safeguards to protect the personal data we collect and process. The measures used depend on the type of personal data and the possible consequences of their disclosure.

The secure storage of personal data (personal information) of customers and website visitors is a security priority for Fixfas.

Customer and visitor rights:

  • Get information about the personal data (information) being processed
  • Get access to your personal data
  • Request the rectification of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data, as well as the replacement and/or completion of personal data. The visitor is responsible for the accuracy of the information added or modified.
  • Delete your personal data when it is no longer needed or when the processing is unlawful, except for. in circumstances where Fixfa has a legal right to retain the visitor’s data.
  • Request restriction or prohibition of processing of personal data for marketing purposes
  • File a complaint with the Data Protection Inspectorate

If you do not wish to receive Fixfas marketing communications, you can opt-out by following the opt-out instructions at the bottom of the marketing communication or by contacting us directly at

Other provisions

Fixfas reserves the right to unilaterally change its privacy policy and use of cookies. The latest version of the Cookies and Privacy Policy is always available on this website. This information is governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

Valid from 01.03.2020, renewed 15.11.2022