Metal Meshes

D-Terminal port of Tallinn- Facade material is stainless steel metal mesh.
Port of Tallinn – Facade was made with GKD stainless steel metal mesh.

“Metal meshes for facades, ceilings, and interior decoration”


The metal mesh creates versatile possibilities for the design of buildings. Everything behind the net is protected from the weather – sun, wind, and rain. At the same time, the metal mesh reflects light, creating a playful light in the surroundings of the building.


Metal mesh in Tallinn harbor

One of the good examples of metal mesh usage is the harbor in Tallinn, Estonia, where all the building is covered with metal mesh facade. 


Metal fabrics or nets are used as facades, wall coverings, and media facades. With media facades, buildings can be turned into an interactive LED facades. In addition, the stainless mesh gives the building’s exterior a stylish look – even when not used as an LED façade.

Through FixFas OÜ it is possible to get acquainted with the innovative German metal facade manufacturer GKD.


Applications of architectural meshes:


  • Protection of façades
  • Acoustic ceiling meshes
  • Cable mesh doors
  • Interior design meshes
  • Wall cladding material
  • Fences
  • Media façades


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Metal Mesh facade in Tallinn, Estonia

Choice of materials


Cable metal mesh
Flat stainless steel wire is interwoven with round stainless steel wire. Well-suited for the solar shading of buildings. Painted mesh available upon request. We offer and design mesh fastenings in collaboration with the manufacturer.


Rigid metal mesh, i.e. PC mesh
Made of stainless steel or aluminium. The material is woven from a wire in both directions, whereby at least one guiding wire is crimped.

Standard dimensions are 3 x 1 m and 2.5 x 1.25 m. We will help you realise the mesh fastenings.


Spiral metal mesh
Spiral metal meshes are available in both stainless steel as well as aluminium.  The metal meshes are made from flat ribbon spirals, which are connected to a round, straight or crimped rod.  Spiral metal meshes are made to customers’ specifications.



Manufacture of wire mesh






Metal mesh treatment:


  • Color-coated metal mesh
  • Metal mesh with graphic elements
  • The metal mesh of anodized aluminium
  • Printed metal mesh
Tecu metal meshes, used on a building facade.